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At Line Marking Solutions we supply and install a wide variety of speed hump options, and we source from a variety of manufacturers to ensure you always get the best price and quality products. Speed humps are a great way to ensure vehicles reduce the speed they are traveling at to the required speed limit. As there are different speed limits for different sites, so there are different solutions for different sites.

Rubber speed humps are the most poplar and we supply them in a variety of heights; 50mm, 60mm and 75mm. Speed humps are also available in Steel if required.

We also supply and install Speed Cushions for areas where large trucks are prominent.

It is important for us to make sure the solution will provide the required outcome for our valued customers; therefore, we will spend enough time with you to ensure we fully understand your needs. Based on understanding your needs we will work together on achieving the optimal solution for you.

If you have any speed hump needs or would like to discuss the options with a passionate specialist, please get in touch and we can go through your requirements in more detail.

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