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At Line Marking Solutions we understand the importance of safety and a focus area for us are safe walkways and to avoid slipping or falling. There are several products including anti- slip paint and MMA/CAP we work with and can recommend which provides significant improvement in areas that are slippery.

Anti-slip surfaces are not limited to walkways and we see continued growth in the type of areas our customers are seeking to convert to anti-slip surfaces to prevent accidents such as pedestrian crossings. It could even be an area where you decide to be extra careful and provide your customers and employees with a safe, non-slip surface to walk on.

MMA / Cold Applied Plastic is a two component marking paint product. It is an extremely durable product using Methyl Methacrylate resins with hardwearing aggregates. It is used:


  • On roads: at high stress traffic locations such as roundabouts and  junctions or to identify specific lanes such as bike tracks and bus lanes.

  • Warehouses/Factories: at areas where anti-slip properties are required, or areas where durability is important such as walkways.

While the initial cost is higher than conventional paint, MMA/Cold Applied Plastic will have an increased service life even when used at high stress locations.


The product is available in a wide range of colours to complement the area you would like to emphasize.


If you have any anti-slip/MMA/CAP needs or would like to discuss the options with a passionate specialist, please get in touch and we can go through your requirements in more detail.

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